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Hot Chocolate Chai

Because I have to watch the amount of sugar I get during my pregnancy, I found this Chocolate Chai recipe:

Take 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup water (I just use 1 cup unsweetened soy-milk) and heat until desired temperature. Steep Chai tea (either bag, or loose, your choice) for 5 minutes. (I steep longer because I love the taste of Chai.) Mix in 1 packet of sugar-free hot chocolate, stir well.

It's not that bad really, for a sugar-free recipe.

I'd make a cup now, but I"m out of Chai. And hot chocolate. :(


Serious Eats: What is Oolong tea

Serious Eats has a post on tea today:
Oolong: The Tea for Tea People.

Like at least one commenter on Serious Eats, I like my oolong over ice.
How do you drink it?
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tea basics

please post or link your 'basic' way of brewing tea!

Alton Brown
Perfect Cup of Tea

4 servings


* 4 heaping teaspoons loose tea
* 4 cups water


Place loose tea leaves into a warmed tea kettle. Pour heated water over loose tea leaves. Let steep. Strain tea and serve.

*Note: For Oolong and Green tea, water should simmer at 200 degrees F. and 180 degrees F.

*For Irish and English tea bring water to a full boil.

*Black tea should soak for 3 to 5 minutes. Oolong tea should soak for 4 to 7 minutes. Green Tea should soak for 2 to 3 minutes.

masala chai

i admit to being a relative newbie to tea. i have always made my tea the way that i was taught. i was shown my tea basics by both coworkers and friends originally from south india, or whose parents came over from south india. language fun - chai is tea, and masala is spicy. what most americans refer to as chai is actually bastardized masala chai brewed like coffee, or spiced sugar syrup.
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i'm off to run some errands and stuff, but i got started on the user info. any suggestions welcome! i'm going to try to put together some basic how-to tea FAQ's and link/post those first.i wanted the community to be hand_blended_tea but that was too long! :)

i am pretty much a masala chai whore. that's all i drink. i'm excited to try everyone's favorties, because really, if we have 5 members, that at least 5 recipes i don't have!

i'm adding tags, so we will be able to browse the entries easier.

revewis of storebought teas also welcome!