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 I just received some very yummy-smelling tea for Mothers Day! It's by Tealicious and called Rooibos Sweetheart...  it's not in bags and I have questions!

How much do I use per cup? 
And I don't have a really fine strainer or anything, would it be okay to pour the tea through a coffee filter?
I'm assuming making it in the coffee maker would be a bad idea... correct me if I'm wrong!



my electric kettle just ate it, and this whole using a pan on the stove thing is irritating me.

any suggestions for electric or tradiotnal kettles?

A Christmassy Tea

Actually, the first time I had a version of this tea was to start labour with my daughter, but it had german verbena in it,which I don't have access to, nor do I particularly want its effect!! 

What you do: 

Take about a 2 or 3 cm piece of fresh ginger, & slice it thinly, and about 10 whole cloves, and a stick or two of cinnamon. Put it all in a pot of about a 1 1/2 litres of water, and bring to a boil. Let it boil for 10 or 15 minutes, and then turn the heat of & let it sit, the longer the better. Strain, & add sugar to taste. It's super spicy and it smells soooooo gooooood!!

Ummmmm... so there's no leaves of any kind in it.... it still counts as tea, right? 

Tea links: A year of CrockPotting

A recipe for Crockpot Chai Latte was posted today by the crockpot lady (Stephanie).  If my crock pot wasn't full of chili this afternoon, I'd make it.


i run a swapping community, and we're about to wind into the new year, if you guys are interested it's santaswap. this month is an ornament swap, last month was a tea and mix cd swap. jan looks to be a craft themed swap, but it's not in stone.

check it out!

tea tools

so i wanted to hopefully see pics of everyone's tea tools!

fun with the cameraCollapse )

partial expost from my journal.

Masala Chai of Gratitude

Cheap Healty Good has a great recipe for Masala Chai.


lipton yellow label (loose)

ok, so i went tea shopping, and the man at the store suggested the yellow label to me as a nice mild black tea. i also saw someone here liked it. and it is a nice mellow black tea. if you don't oversteep [5 minutes is PLENTY, i may try 3 minutes and see if that helps the little bit of bitterness] it's very mellow and smooth. it has a very slightly bitter aftertaste, but it's not the worst black tea i've ever had.

for the price, it was excellent. i paid $3.50 for 15oz.

so i'm not crazy about it, but if anyone would like to try it, shoot me an email, i'll send you some. i'd feel wasteful tossing it or not drinking it. i'll even throw in some spices if you want to make it into masala chai. i also stocked up on my spices. :)

overall i prefer a bolder, earthier taste, i think. i also picked up some brook bond red label, which i was told was "very strong". it smells really nice, so i'll have some of that tomorrow.

Hello Everybody

Nice community you've got here.
I know tea bags aren't the optimal way to enjoy tea, but I wanted to share the amazingness that is Lipton Yellow Label tea. It's not exactly readily available in the US, but if you run across it somewhere I would definitely suggest getting some to sample. By far, the best bagged tea I've come across, but recent internet searches suggest that it also comes in loose leaf. The last time I saw a box of the Yellow Label stuff, I seriously grabbed the biggest box I could. It's very nice and not bitter for a black tea.

Some of my other store-bought favorites are Sleepy Time and Constant Comment, but I like the latter more as sun tea or made up into an Arnold Palmer. (Sun tea, by the way, very subtle and amazing. Like iced tea but better. You know what I'm talking about.)

All that being said, Reno isn't really a tea town, and I'm not super tea savvy, but I do love the stuff. I just wanted to join in on the home blend tea fun. Anyone else have a favorite store bought tea they want to share?

coffee, tea and spice - earl grey


i got this tea in my tea and cd swap over in santaswap.

i just finished my first cup. i did my normal 16oz water to two table spoons tea. follishly i added sugar without tasting it first, the next pot i'll try straight and with milk first. the tase is incredible. i have never had earl grey before, but the smell and taste are fresh tangy, sweet and blue.

HELLO DELICIOUS. bonus points for being decaf. i wish there was a perfume or incense that could capture how amazing the leaves smell. as with all 'decaf' i still feel the caffeine, but it's nice and mild.

i may try adding my spice blend to this, for kicks, but it doesn't need it at all. i never drink anything but masala chai, so i'm stoked.